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If you have received a diagnosis of dysautonomia, then you know: One: Your sympathetic nervous system is over functioning. That means your “fight or flight” responses are hyperactive. Two: Your parasympathetic nervous system is under functioning. Which means “the automatic

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These are unprecedented times. How to live with and through a worldwide pandemic is unknown to most people alive at this time. It is the beginning of YEAR 3 of this new normal. If we are able to garner anything

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Have you heard about COVID-19 “long haulers” and their post-viral symptoms? And did you know there are similar responses from those with Lyme disease or other post-viral/ bacterial infections? Other (some life-long) symptoms of post-viral illness include pain, swelling and

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Digestive Health In Early Life Linked To Allergies

As a naturopathic physician, I’m always paying close attention to the connection between intestinal health and systemic complaints. Allergies in particular are something that our profession has recognized as having strong ties to the digestive tract. When people present to

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Does Arthritis Originate in the Gut?

I see quite a few patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune arthropathies, and what is the first thing I do?  Give them anti-inflammatory medications? Give them immune-modulaters? No! Chances are, their rheumatologists have already done this. The first thing

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Allergies-Understanding Causes and Risks

The incidence of allergic rhinitis seems to be increasing every year, among both infants and adults. Most doctors will simply treat the symptoms, but it’s important to look more closely at some of the underlying causes, and how you can

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Elderberry and Infections

As many of my patients are already well aware, I often rely upon Elderberry extract, especially in the treatment of influenza and other viral infections. This recent study demonstrates evidence as to why this treatment is effective. In a study

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Flu and Elderberry

I almost universally recommend Elderberry in cases of flu and other viral respiratory infections. Here is some research that demonstrates it’s effectiveness: According to a recent study, an extract of black elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) inhibited human influenza virus A

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