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Somewhere between high blood sugar and full-blown diabetes lives a trait called insulin resistance (Maurer). Not only can insulin resistance contribute to diabetes, it also greatly increases your chances of weight gain and heart disease. Your body is not pre-destined

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Are you experiencing health symptoms that have left you feeling less than stellar? You have tried everything you can think of to address your symptoms: After all of this, are you still struggling with your symptoms despite the fact that

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Testosterone Lowers Male Heart Disease Risk

In the last couple of years, studies looking at the correlation between testosterone levels and heart disease in men have yielded mixed results. However, if you look more closely at the data, most of the reports showing negative associations with

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Rethinking Fat in the Diet

With all the hype surrounding statin medications this past week (see, it’s a perfect opportunity to take a step back and discuss some basic diet fundamentals.  For the past 40 or more years, the “benefits” of low-fat diets have

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Rethinking the Risk of Low HDL

Despite plenty of evidence that people with low levels of “good”cholesterol are more prone to heart attacks, a large new study suggests that the lacking lipid is not to blame. The analysis of data on nearly 70,000 people in Denmark affirmed the

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Work Causes Heart Disease

People who regularly work long hours may be significantly increasing their risk of developing heart disease, the world’s biggest killer, British scientists said Monday. Researchers said a long-term study showed that working more than 11 hours a day increased the

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Diet Soda and Heart Disease

As many of my patients know, I often discourage the use of diet sodas and other sources of artificial sweeteners. The reasons for this are numerous, but here is yet another suggestion that diet soft drinks may not be the

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Don’t Skip Your Breakfast!

Prior research suggests that breakfast eaters may be healthier than people who skip breakfast, and now a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests a nutritious breakfast may be especially good for your heart. Specifically, the recent study shows that

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