Dysautonomia, Inflammation, COVID, Stress Management, Acupuncture, Fatigue, Naturopathic Perspective


If you have received a diagnosis of dysautonomia, then you know: One: Your sympathetic nervous system is over functioning. That means your “fight or flight” responses are hyperactive. Two: Your parasympathetic nervous system is under functioning. Which means “the automatic

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Have you heard about COVID-19 “long haulers” and their post-viral symptoms? And did you know there are similar responses from those with Lyme disease or other post-viral/ bacterial infections? Other (some life-long) symptoms of post-viral illness include pain, swelling and

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Recognizing Lyme Disease and Related Infections

Although we live in a state where Lyme disease is endemic, the diagnosis and treatment of this condition continues to be controversial. Unfortunately, the political landscape surrounding Lyme disease has steered many doctors away from treating it altogether, putting many

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CT Physicians and Chronic Lyme Disease

According to a recent UConn survey, only about 2% of physicians in the state of Connecticut treat chronic Lyme disease, while barely 50% even believe that it exists! This is a travesty for patients who have suffered for months or

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