Navigating the Fog?

After a year, you finally feel safe enough to dine-in at your favorite pasta/ pizza restaurant. You thought the caffeinated soda would pair perfectly with the garlic buttered bread (yes, yes it did). After all those carbs,did you forget where

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Have you heard about COVID-19 “long haulers” and their post-viral symptoms? And did you know there are similar responses from those with Lyme disease or other post-viral/ bacterial infections? Other (some life-long) symptoms of post-viral illness include pain, swelling and

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Dr. Fisel and COVID-19

As someone who cares deeply about the health of my patients, I want to make sure that our office is a place that you can turn to for reliable care during these times of uncertainty. Therefore, we will remain open

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Why Your Injuries Aren’t Healing Properly

Overuse injuries are something I see in my practice on an almost daily basis.  Whether it’s low back pain from running, shoulder pain from lifting weights, or neck pain from being in the wrong position for too long, most of

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